Locker Rentals

Instrument Storage Made Easy.

If you’re in a School of Music Ensemble and need a place to store your instrument, look no further. We allow you to store your instrument in our locker room so that lugging your instrument across campus to the Couch building becomes a choice, rather than a requirement for participating in our ensembles.

How much does it cost?

We charge a $15.00 fee per semester for a locker.

How do I know what size locker to get?

Before purchasing a locker, it is recommended that you measure your instrument while it is inside its case, L x W x H. Each locker on the marketplace includes a description with its dimensions. This is very important if you have a long instrument like a trombone, because some medium sized lockers will be deep enough to hold it, while others will not.

My instrument (cello, standing bass, etc) won’t fit in a locker. Is there something else I can do to store it?

As a matter of fact, there is! When you navigate to the locker selection page, go to the large lockers. There is a tab there labeled “Outer props”. Selecting this buys you access to our buzzcard-secure locker room and our rack for larger instruments, without having to worry about an individual locker.

Can I use my own padlock to secure my locker?

No. Personal locks are not allowed. Upon purchasing a locker, you will be issued the combination to the existing lock on your locker. If the assigned lock is lost for any reason, you will be charged a replacement fee of $15.00. Please keep your locker locked at all times, even if it is empty.

All of the lockers in the size I need are sold out! What do I do?

This is not an uncommon occurrence, especially with our larger sized lockers. Due to the high demand for them, students renting large lockers will often be asked to share their locker with another student.

If there are no lockers available on our site, please see Joshua Smith in room 109 in the Couch building, or contact him at He will find an arrangement to accommodate your instrument.

Are there any other rules for locker room use?

There are a few other basic rules:

Do NOT store food or drinks in your locker. Ever.

At the end of every semester, during finals week, a notice will be posted on the door of the locker room to inform you of when you should have your locker cleaned of your belongings. Past the posted date, the School of Music is not responsible for the whereabouts and welfare of anything left in your locker.

While it is permitted (and sometimes required) to share your locker with another student, allowing another student who has not paid for access into the locker room is prohibited at all times. Every student using the locker room and a locker must pay the fee, regardless of arrangement.

Click here to purchase a locker or Outer Props access!