Support the School

Your Ramblin' Wreck. Our Future.

Music is an enduring passion at Georgia Tech, a major thread of campus life since 1906. But as culture constantly evolves, so does the music we listen to. At the School of Music, we strive to be on the cutting edge of what is new, exciting, and innovative, while still honoring a tradition more than a century old.

We are always looking to make what we do bigger and better, but there is a limit to the resources that we have. With your help, we can push that limit as we continue to teach the brightest musicians the field has to offer.

Support our Students

Without intelligent and creative students, there is no School of Music.  But sometimes, even the brightest students can appreciate a little help.

You can make a difference in a student’s studies in a variety of ways – a scholarship for a talented student musician can set them up for years of success, while a graduate fellowship could enable a grad student to focus more on the next great idea in music technology.

Support Our Faculty

Our faculty is the driving force behind the education and innovation we provide on a daily basis. Without the talented, engaging professors we employ, Georgia Tech’s School of Music would be a much quieter place.

You can help us remain a destination for excellence in research and education. Creating an endowment fund would allow us to maintain a faculty that keep students involved, engaged, and making great music before and after graduation.

Instruments & Equipment

It’s simple. Music cannot be played without instruments. We can’t innovate in Music Technology with obsolete sound equipment. Our bands can’t sound their best at games without properly maintained instruments. We can’t move our equipment and musicians to concerts or games without reliable transportation.

You can help us keep our students and faculty equipped with the tools they need to excel. Whether it’s helping to equip the marching band with new instruments, or assisting us with staying on the forefront of technology with properly updated studio equipment, you can be a big part of our success.

It’s our goal every year to make a mark on the local, national, and international musical communities through performance and education. Helping sponsor a concert or conference not only helps us bring high quality musical performances to the campus and beyond, it also gets you directly involved in what we do.

Make us Better!

Do you want to help us make excellent music, but aren’t quite sure about how you want to go about doing it? There are a number of ways to make an impact on our program that make a huge difference.

Helping us sponsor guest musicians, sending professors and students on exciting studying abroad trips, or sponsoring an ensemble are just a few ways that you can be a big factor in helping us make music at Tech!