Student Life

Musical Ramblin' Wrecks

Georgia Tech is ranked as the second best return on investment in the country, and in the top 10 of many undergraduate degree disciplines. But our students find out that they don’t need to sacrifice their musical growth when they come here. 

In fact, many of our students cite studying music at Georgia Tech as one of the best choices they made in their college career! Whether you come to major in Music Technology or participate in one of our many talented ensembles, there are plenty of opportunities to make lifelong friends along the way.

Undergrad Life

Our undergraduate majors and minors get the best of all possible worlds for music at Georgia Tech: they dive headfirst into a curriculum that focuses on music and technology while participating in multiple musical ensembles. Small class sizes give our students individual attention, and the ability to work directly with faculty that are leaders in their fields of research. It also means you’ll be seeing a lot of the same faces in your major classes, giving you chances to collaborate on music - both in and out of class.

Graduate Student Culture

Our graduate student body is a tightly knit group. They plan many events throughout the year, for fun and as stress relief, including bike rides, running the pi mile, and organizing spring break trips. They always support each other when they’re playing gigs around town or performing at local concerts and conventions.

Music Student Groups

We have a variety of student groups, each with their own musical focus. Our fraternities and sororities are service organizations with rich histories and dedication to making music. They host special events, such as lock-ins, distraction nights, movie nights, and the student "Night of Musicianship" every semester.  And if you’re interested in promoting equal representation in Music Technology, Women in Music Technology is dedicated to raising awareness of Music Technology to women on campus, and beyond.

Life in the Couch Building 

Couch is a building that never sleeps. No matter what time of day you enter the building, you’re almost certain to hear music playing. Whether it’s an ensemble rehearsing for their next concert or solo players in our practice rooms working to sharpen their musical skills in private, our students’ passion for music goes around the clock. The same goes for our various music technology labs, where our students come to hang out with each other even when they aren’t hard at work on research.

Connected to Atlanta's Music Scene

Atlanta boasts a strong history of musical significance, with a long list of musicians and entertainers that call it home. It’s a great place to get a music technology education while also getting your foot in the industry door. Whether it’s playing bars and clubs in a band or getting to know the many technology and entertainment companies that work here, it’s a city full of opportunity for our students.

International Influence

The School of Music also enjoys a strong reputation in international circles. The Robotic Musicianship group routinely tours to other countries, including China, Russia, and Turkey. Also, we hold the Margaret Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition every year, which invites and hosts competitors from countries like Germany, Japan, and Brazil. Students get a chance to learn how to run large scale musical competitions while meeting inventors and musicians from all over the world.

West Village Music Annex

The four classrooms in the West Village Music annex serve as the primary place most music classes are held. The two classrooms on the first floor serve as rehearsal space for many of our ensembles. In fact, several of our concerts every semester - both from our own ensembles and from guest performers - take place in these spaces. And of course, needless to say, it's not an uncommon sight to see our students, faculty and staff stop by the neighboring dining area for lunch.