The Symphonic Band at Georgia Tech onstage, standing after a performance.

If you’re a current or prospective student, you’ve certainly heard Ramblin’ Wreck or Up with the White and Gold. But music at Georgia Tech offers so much more than a few pep songs at athletic events.

Our Music Technology Programs

Have you ever wondered who designs the speakers in your car, or the ones that shake a theater when you go see a movie? Or who comes up with ideas like streaming radio on the internet that lets you listen to the song you want, or plays new songs that you never knew you’d like, based on previous tastes? Or who created that new instrument that your favorite artist is using on stage to blow your mind?

Music Technologists do all of that, and more. And that is what we teach.

Our Bachelor of Science in Music Technology degree teaches students how to combine their love of music with technology in a number of different technical disciplines, including engineering, computing, and sciences. 

Our Master of Science in Music Technology gives students the ability to explore music from Georgia Tech's unique technological perspective. Here, we design software that breaks down music into its individual pieces and puts it back together again so we can better understand it. We're also the only school that builds robots that explore what it can mean for man and machine to make music together.

Our Ph. D. program goes even deeper into these topics. Students work alongside our renowned faculty to create the next great ideas in music. Our Doctoral students become creators, teachers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders for the music of tomorrow.

Information for current BS, MS, and PhD students

Our Programs

A marching band student drums with Shimon the robot.

Prospective Students

A detailed overview of all the programs and opportunities that we offer.

Interested in making music?
Professor Jason Freeman teaches the laptop orchestra class.

Undergraduate Programs

Our newest undergraduate degree is the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology.

Undergraduate Opportunities
A School of Music Ph. D. student performing an experiment with a brain scan cap.

Graduate Programs

Our students' diverse backgrounds, interests and talents fuel invention.

Music meets tech