Prospective Students

The School of Music is always listening for new ideas.

Our students combine technical skill with exceptional music talent to truly change the way the world experiences music. We're also dedicated to giving Georgia Tech students the chance to pursue their interests in music, no matter what form it might take. Whether it's performing in an ensemble with like-minded musicians, getting your bachelors, master's or Ph.D. in Music Technology, or just renting out one of our practice rooms to keep your skills sharp, we have a place for you here!


Undergraduate options

Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

Our new Bachelor of Science in Music Technology is the perfect choice for the student who asks, "I really like playing the piano, but what if I could control it through my computer? What if I don't even need my hands to play it?"

Sure, we teach our students how to use state-of-the-art studio equipment. But that's just the beginning. We encourage our students to push their imaginations and amp music up to an entirely different level. We make an orchestra with just a group of students and their laptops. We don't just play music -- we invent it.

Presently, we also offer the following programs to any undergraduates at Georgia Tech:

  • Music Minor -- The minor consists of 15 credit hours customized to the specific area of music you're interested in, ranging from General Music Literacy to Music Technology. Please note that an interview and/or audition is required for entry to this program.
  • Humanities Credits -- Trying to find a meaningful way to fulfill the humanities requirements in your degree track? Participating in one of our ensembles can earn you up to four hours of humanities credit.


Graduate Options

Master of Science in Music Technology

The degree program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in Music, Engineering, Computer Science, or other comparable majors. It focuses on the design and development of innovative music hardware and software. The research projects our students create span from software programs that analyze music in ways never seen before, to uses of music technology in medical fields, to prosthetic limbs that assist the user in creating music. The only limits on what our students create is their own imagination.

Ph.D. Program

Much like the master's degree program, applicants are expected to have a strong background in computing, music, engineering, or media arts and sciences. Our Ph.D. students are taught to have expertise of the core master-level course material found in Music Technology.  This includes proficiency in:

  • Music theory, performance, composition, and/or analysis
  • Music Information Retrieval
  • Digital Signal processing and Synthesis
  • Interactive Music Systems Design
  • Music Cognition


By the time they earn their degree, they possess a rich combination of knowledge that immediately places them as experts in their field, prepared to excel in both research and educational fields.

Pre-College Summer Studio

Are you a middle or high schooler looking for a way to spend the summer sharpening your skills in recording, mixing, and a variety of other music technology topics? Our Pre-College Summer Program is made for you. Spend two weeks learning more about how music and technology come together to make the music you're listening to both today and tomorrow.