Book Entertainment

Georgia Tech music groups provide the perfect entertainment suitable for any style meeting or special event. With competitive rates, reliable musicians, and a wide variety of genres to choose from, event planners can expect a pleasant experience every time.

For rates and availability, please contact the appropriate group below.

Chamber Choir
jerry [dot] ulrich [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Jerry Ulrich)

Women's Chorus

Elizabeth [dot] wilson [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Beth Wilson)

Men’s Glee Club
jerry [dot] ulrich [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Jerry Ulrich)

Jazz Ensemble; Athletic/Pep Band; Percussion & MIDI
christopher [dot] moore [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Christopher Moore)

Orchestra; Concert Band
chaowen [dot] ting [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Chaowen Ting)

Wind Ensemble
benjamin [dot] diden [at] coa [dot] gatech [dot] edu (Benjamin Diden)