Music Minor

Music Minors are available in three distinct areas: general music literacy, music technology, and music performance. The minors are 15 credit hours each and permit students to flexibly customize a course of study specific and appropriate to their interests and abilities. The music literacy courses, Fundamentals of Musicianship I and II, are common to all three minors. All courses in the Music Minor must be taken on a letter-grade basis with a C or better, and must be completed with an overall GPA of 2.0. All other requirements outlined in the Georgia Tech Policy for Undergraduate Minors must be met.


Music Minor, Music Technology Minor, and Music Performance Minor


Students completing a Music Minor at Georgia Tech will be trained in musical study to include theory, history, and music technology. Two of the courses of study, the Music Minor and the Music Performance Minor, require concentration in a specific applied area–vocal or instrumental.


Students seeking admission to one of the Music Minor Degree Programs must:

  1. Be a full-time Georgia Tech student.
  2. Have completed at least one semester of study at Georgia Tech or transfered from another institution.

Those seeking a minor including applied lessons must:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency as a performer on a standard orchestral or band instrument, or as a vocalist.
  2. Must audition for the Music Minor Program with more than three semesters remaining in their major degree program or before graduation.


The application/audition procedure can occur no earlier than second semester of the student’s first year (see School Chair for specific deadlines). Entrance into the Music Minor Program will occur no earlier than first semester of the student’s second year. The application to the Music Minor Degree Program must include:

  1. A completed Music Minor Application form. Please note the form includes a current resumé of musical activities, awards, repertoire list, and previous instructors.
  2. A current transcript (unofficial).


Each applicant seeking applied lessons must complete an audition and interview before being approved. A portion of the interview may be completed at the time of the audition and a formal interview with the Chair of the School of Music will be required for those individuals recommended for consideration by the Audition Committee. The audition must be completed at least one semester prior to admittance to the program. Auditions must be scheduled with the Music Minor Program Coordinator.


The Music Minor and Music Performance Minors require a minimum of 3 semesters in ONE of the following ensemble tracks and must be completed at the MUSI 3000 level or above. Therefore, a student must be enrolled in the ensemble for three semesters during their junior and senior years. The ensemble tracks include:

  1. Wind Ensemble and/or Concert Band
  2. Jazz Ensemble
  3. Percussion Ensemble
  4. Orchestra
  5. Chorale and/or Chamber Choir and/or Men’s Glee Club


Please note that Instrumental Chamber Ensembles do not apply to the Ensemble Performance course curriculum requirements.

Music Minor [General Emphasis]

  1. Written application and formal audition required
  2. 6 credit hours of Fundamentals of Musicianship
  3. 3-4 credit hours of Music Ensemble at the 3000/4000 level
  4. 2-5 credit hours of Music Technology
  5. 1-5 credit hours Individual Private Lessons

Music Technology Minor

  1. Written application required – no formal audition
  2. 6 credit hours of Fundamentals of Musicianship
  1. 9 credit hours of Music Technology as approved by the Music Minor Coordinator

Music Performance Minor

  1. Written application and formal audition required
  2. 6 credit hours of Fundamentals of Musicianship
  3. 3 credit hours of Individual Private Lessons – MUSI 3710, 3720, and 3730
  4. 4 credit hours of Major Ensemble at the 3000/4000 level
  5. 2 credit hours of Chamber Ensemble

For additional information please contact the Music Minor Coordinator, Dr. Frank Clark: fclark [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (fclark [at] or 404.894.8964. Alternatively, you can contact the Administrative Coordinator, Corissa Jones at corissa [dot] jones [at] music [dot] gatech [dot] edu (corissa.jones [at] or 404.894.8949.