Certificate in Fine Arts - Music

A Certificate in Fine Arts-Music can be earned by Georgia Tech students upon completion of thirteen hours of coursework in music as approved by the School of Music director. Students following certificate guidelines will be exposed to an introduction to fine arts, including the development of personal aesthetic and critical skills, and will go on to more in-depth study in music analysis and history. A core component of this program involves sustained performance in one of Georgia Tech's instrumental or vocal ensembles.

At least nine hours must be at the 3000 level or higher. All other Undergraduate Certificate Academic Requirements as they appear in the Undergraduate Certificate Program Guidelines must be met. Courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis, and a C or better must be received in order to obtain course credit toward the Certificate. This Certificate Program is designed mainly for students with an interest in gaining an in-depth knowledge of music within the context of a technical undergraduate education. Required and elective courses are as follows:

Required courses (eleven credit hours):

  • Three hours of Survey of Music Technology (MUSI 3450)
  • Two hours of Composers and Their Music
  • Two hours of Music Theory (MUSI 2600, 3600)
  • Four hours core from one of the following areas:
    • Band (Concert Band-MUSI 1102-3, 2102-3, 3102-3, 4102-3) and/or Symphonic Band (1112-4, 2112-4, 3112-4, 4112-4)
    • Chamber Ensemble (MUSI 1401-3, 2401-3, 3401-3, 4401-3)
    • Chorale (MUSI 1201-3, 2201-3, 3201-3, 4201-3)
    • Jazz (MUSI 1301-3, 2301-3, 3301-3, 4301-3)
    • Orchestra (MUSI 1601-3, 2601-3, 3601-3, 4601-3)
    • Vocal Ensemble (MUSI 1211-3, 2211-3, 3211-3, 4211-3)


Elective courses (two credit hours):

  • Two hours of elective music courses with MUSI prefix.