Undergraduate Admissions


Among the oldest traditions of the Institute, the School of Music provides a fun, creative, stress-relieving, cultural outlet for Tech's many musically minded students. Whether your interest is casual or intense, the music faculty is dedicated to providing a quality experience in the theory, history and practice of music. Participants enjoy a sense of community and the pride and confidence that come from musical disciplines and accomplishments. Institute research also reveals that student retention is 4.5 times greater for students involved in music.

Your investment in music, of time, self and financial resources, can really pay off here at Tech! Over 800 students each semester continue to explore and develop creative and artistic skills through rewarding participation in credit bearing musical ensembles and classes. The choices are as diverse as the student body and include Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, MIDI Ensemble, Chorale, Chamber Choir and Men's Glee Club, as well as a number of chamber woodwind, brass and string ensembles . Classes in Music History, Theory, and Music Technology add even more interest to your investment.

Learn more about pursuing a Music Minor, Music Certificate, or Humanities Credit at Georgia Tech, or learn more by attending one of our performances.