Masters Admissions


Digital technology led to a cultural and social transformation in the manner in which we make, perform, and listen to music. Recent technological developments in areas such as music recording, performance, composition, education, and distribution have fundamentally changed musical practices and created a need in industry and academia for well-educated music and audio technologists. The School of Music at Georgia Tech is answering this need by offering a Master of Science degree in Music Technology. This interdisciplinary degree program is conducted in close collaboration with other leading programs at Georgia Tech, including Human Computer Interaction, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Interactive Digital Technology, and Mechanical Engineering.

The M.S. in Music Technology is a two-year, full-time day program. Its objective is to provide students with the practical skills and theoretical understanding needed to be leaders in the design, development, and creative implementation of music technology products and services in the coming decades. Successful design and development of music technology systems must be supported by knowledge of music theory, perception, composition, and performance, as well as digital media, computing, engineering and design. The program is therefore interdisciplinary, focusing primarily on technology for music in performance and education. The program currently offers a concentration in Computer Music Research and Engineering, focusing on the design and development of novel enabling music technologies from a technological and scientific perspective.

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in Music, Computing, Engineering, or a related discipline, and they should demonstrate their musical background in performance, composition and/or theory, as well as basic skills in programming and/or engineering in order to be admitted to the program. Candidates may be asked to interview with faculty in person or by telephone; the interview, which will include a portfolio examination, will be used to further assess their qualifications.  A limited number of scholarships and tuition waivers may be offered to qualified students.

Upon graduation students will be able to demonstrate deep understanding of the underlying theoretical concepts of music technology, advanced technical and creative skills in the design and development of music technology, and rich familiarity with the cognitive and aesthetic aspects of creative media technologies. These skills will prepare our students for careers in industries such as music and media software, audio hardware, Internet audio, gaming, and mobile technology.